Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hey there cupcake!

 My daughter just turned one a few weeks ago, and as anyone with a baby knows, you have a great big party for...yourself!  Because your child really doesn't understand yet that all the hoopla is over her.  Thankfully, she had a great time and so did we!  But one thing I did not have a great time with was cupcakes...

 We invited 50 people to a Korean restaurant for her party, because in the Korean tradition, the first birthday (called a Dol) is a biggie.  Back in the day, when infant mortality was high, if your kid made it to one, there was a good chance that they would continue on in the great tradition of being alive, so they whooped it up...bigtime!

Since we were having everything catered by the restaurant, I thought it would be nice to make cupcakes for her party instead of buying a sheet cake.  You know, being a first time mom and kind of creative, I really wanted to do something personal for her first birthday.  And I thought cupcakes would be manageable, more than a cake.  Boy, was I wrong....really, really, really, really wrong.

I spent 8 hours the day before her birthday party making and decorating 100 cupcakes.  Oye vay - was I exhausted.  I had a grand ole time decorating the first ten cupcakes, but then realizing that I still had 90 cupcakes to go was a little daunting.  Here are a couple of pictures of some of the finished cupcakes.

But it was worth it, and I do love cupcakes of all kinds!  Here is an adorable cupcake baby set from Sweet Baby Sprinkles. 

It includes:
 - 2 baby girl hats
- 2 baby girl receiving blankets
- 2 baby girl washcloths
- 2 baby girl ribbon hair clips
- 2 snack bowls with matching lids
- 1 basket perfect for storing any baby essentials such as diapers, wipes, baby wash, washcloths, etc.

And the best thing - free shipping!!  Gotta love those cupcakes!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring our Etsy shop in your blog today! Now I want a cupcake. lol. I think you did a great job on your daughter's birthday cupcakes by the way! They look so yummy! :)

  2. Thanks Tara! It was my pleasure to feature your shop - you have beautiful things!