Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Spring feels like it has finally sprung here in NYC.  You can FINALLY go outside without a down parka, scarf, mittens, boots, balaclava, thermal underwear, sweater, snow pants...are you getting a theme here?  It was a rough winter here, we literally had a snowstorm every week this winter, so spring feels like it has been loooooong in coming this year.  Here is a picture of our house buried in the worst of the snowstorms.

Oye, just looking at this picture makes me so appreciate the sunshine and 60 degrees we had today. 

Spring also bring flowers and butterflies into my life again, which to quote Martha Stewart, is a good thing.  Butterflies have a special significance for me, as they represent not only good weather, but transformation and new life.  

This gorgeous painted lady butterfly print from Emele Photography fills me with happiness and awe.  These butterflies are so beautiful and I love that Emily was able to capture their amazing body art so well.

Along the same lines, but totally different (does that make sense?) is this sweet butterfly mobile by Bits of Strings N Things.  I love this color combo and the cute crocheted butterflies.  I know my daughter would love to have these little critters hanging from her ceiling.

Spring, keep on coming!!!  And stay for awhile, alright?

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