Friday, April 22, 2011

We want the funk, gotta get that funk...

I love that song and I LOVE this funky little alien creature robot girl print illustration from ACEO.  There is something about that little face that I just find so endearing and adorable.  I am also partial to green and blue, so this little gal fits the bill for me.  And I also love that you can get this print made into a blank card. Brilliant!

Selling things that I find funky, but wearable in an everyday way is something that I am always striving for in my jewelry style, especially when I am antiquing and looking for vintage items.  I think that's actually why I like antiquing so much, I love the element of finding something funky that may have been totally common in its time, but is more unique now because of the passage of time and fashion trends.

This isn't a vintage find of mine, but it is a handmade find from Funky Felt Flowers.  This great felt cocktail ring is so original and again, love the color scheme.  I never would have thought to make a ring out of felt, but it is so fun and fab!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring Dolly!

  2. My pleasure Michele! Keep rocking the funk!