Monday, March 21, 2011

Feathers and Flowers and Bling - Oh My!

Headbands are so hot right now, and it's really fun to find interesting ones at cool handmade shops on Etsy.  BTW, if it sounds like I have drunk the Etsy Koolaide it's because I totally have! I really love Etsy, not only because they make it so easy to run a shop and share your goods, but because they really try to foster a sense of community among so many different kinds of artisans.  I find it to be a really encouraging environment.  How many websites can you say that about?

I like the whole headband thing because it reminds me of being a little girl, when life was carefree and fashion was my favorite blue snowflake sweater dress.  But these headbands are fun, sophisticated, and elegant.

This amazing feather and bling headband comes from Isle of Owlie (Fancy Feather Headband). 

I like this sweet felt flower headband from Zantastic Store because it's fun for women of all ages (Hip Hop Hairbow).

This headband from Blue Birdies Nest is such a great color and I love the fabric rosettes on it (Mauve Flower Headband).

Yay headbands!!


  1. I love love the first headband. I am so going to check out her store. I havent wore a headband in forever but I think I might have to get me some. Thanks for sharing those lovely headbands.

  2. Pretty! I love floral headbands. How can you go wrong =)?

  3. I love the collection!!

  4. I agree, headbands are awesome and so easy to wear and snaz up an already great outfit!