Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old stuff and new stuff

There are a lot of things that I couldn't have imagined liking if you asked me about them ten years ago.  Among the top picks: staying in on a Saturday night, cooking dinner almost every night, eating popcorn for dinner, and going antiquing. 

To be frank, I always thought that antiquing was just looking at someone else's old crap.  Considering that I don't even like library books because of their musty library smell, being in an antique shop seemed like the last place in the world I would want to be.  But while on vacation in New England, my husband (who loves antiquing to look for cameras and watches) convinced me to go with him to a couple of shops.  And lo and behold, I realized that they have some really amazing and unique jewelry finds and I was quickly hooked.  It was like they were finally speaking my language.  Last week, I amazed myself by saying to my husband "I'm jonesing for a good antiquing trip."  Life never quite manages to be what you thought it might.  I like that.

So that is how I got to love old stuff, but new stuff is always fun to find.  And I love love love these adorable crocheted hats by Crafty Crochet 4 Kids.   It's like wearing your own little muppet on top of your head.

And the best thing is that you custom order them, size and color, so that you can get just what you want. 

Love the old stuff, love the new stuff.  It's all good stuff.


  1. I used to feel the same way about antiques until my husband and I randomly went to a local antique store to "kill some time" before going to a movie one night. Needless to say he had to drag me out of the store! I was so fascinated with looking at all of the everyday items from long ago that seem so strange and foreign to us now.

    By the way, there is nothing wrong with eating popcorn for dinner. In fact, I just did this Sunday evening.

    Those hats are adorable...now we just need some little tykes to put them on. :)

  2. The eating popcorn for dinner thing is from my husband too. I never even liked popcorn before I met my husband, but I never had it the way he makes it. In a big pot with butter and oil, yum!

    Thanks for your comments and insight and for reading my blog!

  3. Thanks for posting about my hats! I'm glad you like them! And I love custom making thoese owls because my customers come up with some of the coolest color combos! =)

    You can check out my shop on Etsy to purchase these, or other whimsical and adorable hats at