Saturday, March 19, 2011

Plays well with other

Having a partner in your creative endeavors is not always the easiest of things.  Especially when that person is also your partner in life.  Though I did not start Sofia's Treasure Chest with the intention of sharing it with anyone, over the past few months it has evolved into a partnership with my husband, who collects amazing vintage cameras and watches.

It has been a learning process, but we are getting some synchronicity now and it is fun to add a new facet to our marriage and relationship.  Here are some really cool cameras and watches that have come from his collection (VAST collection) of vintage and antiques.

This is a vintage Bessamatic Voigtlander camera.  I leave all the actual knowledge up to my hubs, I just comment on how cute or not cute I think the camera is.

Really cool looking camera: Kodak Retina 1 Type 010 Camera.

And, seriously, how adorable is this Official Boy Scout camera?  This is one of my favorites that he has pulled out of his camera storage boxes.

Then there are the watches...oh, the watches!  There are a few watches that I would love to put up on Etsy, but he's not quite ready to part with yet.  But here is the coolest watch, in my humble opinion, that he has allowed me to list.

This is the Nautilus Swatch Watch with artwork by Italian artist, Mario Fani.  This is, I am told, a very collectible item.  Once again, I leave the knowledge to my hubs and I just say "Oh, I love the bright colors!"

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