Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Around my house, I'm all about cupcakes nowadays as I'm getting ready for my daughter's first birthday party.  So, you could say, I have cupcakes and sprinkles on the brain.  These things help me get my sweet fix without gaining another five pounds (which I really have gained "testing" different cupcake and frosting recipes)!

How sweet is this cupcake party set from TLC cards?  It comes with eight cards and envelopes, eight cake toppers and eight treat bags, all hand made. 

And here is a clever way to celebrate your love of sugar with this great falling sprinkles necklace by 2 Little Kisses.  I love that it is made with real sprinkles!

This adorable little girl's hugs and kisses dress from Ashryla is a different kind of sweet, but sweet nonetheless.  I love the bright pattern, and brown and pink is one of my favorite color combos.