Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

I have yet to meet anyone in life who doesn't like ice cream.  I have met the unfortunate souls who are lactose intolerant and cannot stomach (literally) the sweet spoonfuls of heaven, but even they can't say that they don't like it.  And what's not to like?  It's creamy, soul satisfying, and there are enough flavors to tempt anyone's palate (examples: garlic ice cream, avocado ice cream and my favorite - bacon ice cream!) . 

I kind of feel the same way about jewelry.  I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't like jewelry.  Sure, there are women who don't own, wear or buy a lot of jewelry for whatever reason, but they usually will admit that they like it.  And what's not to like?  It's sparkly, fun, can change your look in a minute and helps you express your personality so much better than clothing (but maybe not shoes).  And unless you live in Hong Kong or have lots of extra cash lying around, having custom clothing made is not very feasible.  But you can find interesting, unique, and affordable jewelry fairly easily, especially on

So, if you are interested in finding a new, fun piece of jewelry to wear while you consume a sugar cone of your favorite ice cream, check out Sofia's Treasure Chest on - see link in my profile.  


  1. Can I choose more than one? Coffee, Vanilla chocolate chip, Butter Pecan, Vanilla, Chocolate, sometimes Strawberry

  2. Mint chip, green tea, or vanilla. I'm easy :)

  3. Tiger icecream!

    It's so much my favourite that I made it my email address....
    I debated naming my Etsy store after it too... but I had a name more jewelry related, so I went with that. (KiloJewel)

  4. I love all ice cream, I am mostly indiscriminate when it comes to the dairy deliciousness...