Friday, March 25, 2011

Keeping the love alive

Some days life seems like an incredible balancing act being a new mom, starting a new business and being a wife.  And I must admit that the role of wife is probably the thing that falls by the wayside the most.  Thankfully, I have a husband who is understanding, supportive and just all around wonderful (most of the time :)  And it's nice to know that I can easily find some things that can help create a lovely atmosphere and mood for a nice relaxing evening in.

This lovely Tiffany blue damask bird painting by 202 Designs creates an altogether peaceful and sweet feeling that can only help to set the stage for a date night at home.  It is 8x10 and I am actually kind of amazed that you can get cool, original artwork for under $25!

This sexy and chic handmade chiffon top from Sish will definitely add a little sauciness to the evening.  I love the satin flower detail on the high neck.  It has a flowy and sexy feel that I'm really diggin'.

And finally, sometimes it's good to just lay it all out there (men are not so great at subtlety) with a great card like this from Red Letter Paper Co.  It's also cool that this card is printed on recycled paper from a carbon-offset, wind-powered facility, and comes with a 100% recycled envelope, and is also mailed to you in a 100% recycled envelope.  Green, simple, and to the point - you can't go wrong.

I'm off to set some candles, get dressed and keep the love alive!


  1. Thank you so much for including my card! I love that painting too.